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Firewood Logs
We supply both Round Logs and Split Logs in loose loads and can deliver to your door, whether you need a trailer load; 1m3 bag or something smaller.

Our netted bag is very popular with holiday home owners; there is enough fuel for your guests to enjoy their weekend without clearing out your wood shed.

We cut our split log and round log to a standard length of 10” and 8“. If you want longer or shorter logs, no problem, just give us a call and we will arrange this for you. All our logs are kiln dried, so you can use them right away, for your convenience.
WMH Developments Wooden Crates of Logs
WMH Developments Kindling For Sale
Our kindling is kiln dried to 10-12% moisture content to ensure instant flames to get your fire going. More importantly, because there’s so little moisture inside our kindling, it won’t spit dangerous embers from your fire or stove.

These are available in tightly packed netted bags or loose filled bags wholesale or trade.
Whether you’re looking for sawdust for your dog kennels, cattle or for cubicle bedding our sawdust is made from 100% soft wood and then packed into 1 ton dumpy bags or is available loose. Sawdust is an integral part of keeping your animals clean and healthy, the sawdust we produce is a bi-product from the sawmill and here at WMH Developments Ltd we ensure that the sawdust is of the highest quality achievable to keep your animals clean and healthy.
WMH Developments Sawdust For Sale
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