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Biomass Energy Systems
Biomass Energy Systems
Biomass energy is a carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly, sustainable energy source that has proven potential to relieve a significant portion of our reliance on fossil fuels. In the United Kingdom energy from Biomass is critically underutilized and represents a tremendous opportunity for industry and individuals to take control of energy production costs and environmental impacts.

With the continuing rise in the cost of fossil fuels and concern over the environmental impact of our increasing energy consumption, energy from Biomass is increasingly recognized as the anchor for a strong future in renewable energy production. There is an abundance of resources available in UK and the availability of suitable and under-utilized farmland fit for the growth of energy crops make the potential for Bioenergy to positively impact global warming and economic growth.
Biomass Process

Logs are harvested from sustainable forests stock

They are chipped to the required size G30 /G50

The chippings are dried to 20-30% moisture content. The containers driers are heated by our own biomass boilers

Chips are taken in their container for deliveries across the UK

And we also use them in our boilers for heating.

CO2 emissions are considerably reduced in comparison to burning fossil fuels.
WMH Developments Ltd is one of the leading woodchip specialists in Scotland. We supply woodchip to sites up and down the country.

We size woodchip to individual customer requirements – G30 and G50 are the most commonly requested.

Our woodchip is sourced locally from sustainable forestry – we support the local economy It is very high quality woodchip – our woodchip is forced dried so the moisture levels are beleow 30%. This ensures excellent boiler efficiency.

Clean woodchip – we use virgin timber rather than old wood. This increases the efficiency of your boiler and reduces servicing requirements.

Chipping and delivery capacity – we have the equipment and delivery capacity to chip and deliver on a large scale. This leads to very keen prices for all sizes of order. /
Due to the recent increase in the installation and use of biomass boilers we process biomass firewood log aimed directly at customers with biomass boilers who are receiving either the commercial or domestic RHI tariffs.

Our biomass logs are softwood logs cut to a length of 50cm making them manageable and easy to lift but also large enough that it is practical to stack them into a boiler with a large burning chamber. These logs will be force dried down to below 20% moisture, we have found from our own experience that drying enough wood for a biomass boiler naturally requires very large stockpiles of split logs sitting for up to a year preferably undercover. This is not only inconvenient because it takes up a large amount of space but also poses the problem of how to store these logs to ensure they dry efficiently in that time.

Our logs are forced dried in our drying containers. Once they are dried the can be picked up by our lorry via the hook loading system and delivered to the customer. This minimalizes the handling of the product. There is no minimum order we can deliver these logs nationwide and we can provide haulage if required or for more local customers we are happy to have you come and pick up logs as an when you need them
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